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MST CarniHealth 500ml мст карнітин

MST CarniHealth 500ml мст карнітин

542 ₴

  • В наявності
MST CarniHealth 500ml мст карнітин
MST CarniHealth 500ml мст карнітинВ наявності
542 ₴
+380 (63) 974-44-21
+380 (63) 974-44-21
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Healthy Sport Nutrition CarniHealth is L-carnitine liquid product in 500 ml bottles. CarniHealth is a source of natural energy augmenting conversion of fat into energy to reduce fatigue and increase endurance throughout the day and during exercise.

Cycle doses of CarniHealth protect the immune system and contribute to strengthening the cardiovascular system during intense physical activity.CarniHealth, taken prior to exercise, mounts the influx of natural energy to muscles, which in turn provides:
- rapid recovery
- vitality during extensive exercise
- enhanced strength endurance
- fat decomposition.
- for active lifestyle people
- for weight maintenance
- for strengthening the cardiovascular system
- for increasing the overall muscle tone
- for overcoming chronic fatigue
- for cholesterol lowering
- for reducing stress level (owing to the positive effect on adrenal health)
- for dealing with intense mental and physical load
- for doing in team sports
- for dealing with intense physical activity.

Healthy Sport Nutrition developed a special formula of low-calorie L-carnitine with zero sugar in its content as distinct from other kinds of the product in the market.
CarniHealth Tropix has got a distinct tropical flavor of ripe fruit. The product is remarkable for its sugar-free low calorie content.
Single intake: one 25 ml dose cup.
Recommended daily intake: from one to two dose cups.
For maximum effect, it is recommended the period of 30-60 days of the product use with repetition of the cycle after its interruption for up to 15 days.
Owing to the specially developed composition and lack of sugar and carbohydrates in the product, AMINO ACIDS Pharm is perfect for intensely professional training athletes and office workers who are watching their diet and keep themselves in shape.
This product is not recommended to pregnant, adolescents, people suffering from allergy, asthma, diabetes, and those with individual intolerance to the components of dietary supplements.

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